Wolves in sheep skin or good leaders? How to identify them…

Matt 7:15 “Watch out for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are voracious wolves.”

On most Sundays we have a tradition whereby we have these phone calls. My mother, my siblings and I share what has transpired in our lives during the week. I must confess that I quit going to church a while back resorting to TV or online ministry. For the most part I really don’t have watch either because I get my fellowship on the long phone calls. They, my family, get to share what their preachers talked about and it is from one such service that I got the idea to write this piece.

Those who are easily offended with scripture please bear with me and read with an open mind. Consider it as getting knowledge as you do from any other book. My cousin once told me that reading the bible is like reading any other book, if you can get something of some importance, a lesson or advice then it was well worth you taking the time to read it.

The wolves [politicians] have invaded Malawi. When the president said the devil is riding our backs, in the same way one can argue that the wolves came to town wearing sheep skin. Unfortunately for them, they have been exposed but if you don’t know who they are, the characteristics below will help you find them. It is important that people read if they wish to help in getting rid of such politicians in the country. Nothing will change unless we find such people and make sure they are either not re-elected or elected into power.

Let’s educate each other on the behavior of wolves in comparison to that of a typical politician. Their characteristics are somewhat similar. Wolves belong to the canine family, are great hunters, live in packs, very dominating and possessive, territorial and very loyal. They are normally led by the alpha male or female.

Are we together so far?  

The president and the ruling party have marked their territory [Malawi]. The country’s wealth is only enjoyed by a few people who are in favor with the leader. Some critics of the president have blamed his brother and the first lady of the nation for having a say in how the country is run while corruption and mismanagement of government funds are partly to blame as well.

One thing to note is that not all rich people in Malawi got their wealth through corruption. While some have toiled away others have dipped their fingers into the government fund thanks to kleptocracy. Let me expatiate further that this is not just for those ruling now but would be beneficial for the people who plan to vote in the 2014 elections because the politicians are weeding themselves out of the race. Electing another wolf pack to rule the country would be wrong. The people have suffered. enough…



In Malawi we have a group of politicians who can’t be tamed.  The bible warns about sheep following false prophets who come in sheep’s clothing. They make you believe they care, that they are like you and have your best interest at heart when they have no plans of practicing what they preach. No discussion is allowed. They are like the teachers who will give you no room to grow. We have seen this in our president. There is no dialogue between him and the masses. When he says the country is doing fine as far as development is concerned you better not question him. They see economic progress while the poor people through self empowerment projects. This was clear when the members of parliament (MPs) had the nerve to ask for salary increments when the rest of the country was in shambles. To them the poor man is nothing. This is also how they can be dominating.

The murder of Robert Chasowa is a good example of how barbaric this government can be assuming that the allegations that the government killed him are true. Only an animal, evil human being, one who is untamed could so such a thing.

O is for Overbearing.

In preaching the man of God may say the world will come to an end on such and such a day and you by faith, are to believe that without questioning. The bible in 1Thes.5:2 reads, “For you know quite well that the day of the Lord will come in the same way as a thief in the night.” A good example is what was supposed to happen on the 21st of May this year as prophesied by Harold Camping. Though in politics it may not be necessarily them predicting something or prophesying, these politicians will impose their will on the people.

 On the 20th of July an incident happened. The people were fed up, angry and had planned on having a nationwide demonstration against the government. The action was not to get rid of the alpha male but to let him know that change was needed since the living conditions has become unbearable.

The president had other plans, that of holding a public lecture. Apparently this was what he also used to do when he was at COMESA.  His expectation was that people would forgo the demonstrations to listen to his lecture. His aim was to stop people from exercising their rights.

L is for liars.

Politicians are good liars. Well maybe not all of them.  Around February and March 2011 there was a petition being circulated for stopping corruption and constitutional violations. It was during this time that some of the government’s lies came out in the open. In April when the Department for International Development (DFID) decided that they were going to partially withdraw aid to Malawi, the Malawi government lied that the donor countries were withholding funds due the Malawian government not being tolerant of homosexuals. Nowhere was it worded as such in the letter by the DFID obtained in response to a query by a concerned well-wisher [information is public and can be easily accessed  by simply writing the government in question in this case UK].

The money was being withheld due to the Failure of the Malawi government to submit an audit report is what led to them withholding the funds. Common knowledge is that those who receive funds from donors are subject audits. Obviously we failed. The result was that the donors pulled out of Malawi. The lack of funding is what partly led to the fuel shortages, forex and lack of basic necessities in the country. The government, to save face, lied that the Mozambique government would not release the fuel from the ports. The Mozambicans hit back saying the reason the fuel was sitting in tankers on the ports was because the Malawi government didn’t pay for the fuel due to lack of forex. Again these are just some of the examples, if I were to list them all I will spend a long time documenting everything.

F is for Fruits.

Picture a Mango tree. When and after you plant the tree one wants to see it grow to where it is able to bear fruits. The same is true of disciples in the bible. When Jesus appointed the disciples he made them fishers of men. For the church to grow in congregation/size it needs new converts and it is up to the disciples to teach the word of God and gain converts for the church. In politics the fruits will be visible in the policies the government draws and implements. Projects of self empowerment whether political, economical or otherwise, one has to see some progress or they are deemed a failure.

In Malawi the people have lost faith in the politicians and the result is that their support which can be identified as the fruits of their works in the constituencies has dwindled. People are not given incentives or motivation to take part in politics.  Malawi’s “democracy” has few followers because politicians have given a bad name to politics. The fact that the people are not in sync with the current regime is proof enough to show that the tree has failed to produce any fruits. Seven years into his presidency the only hope for this tree is to prune it so that new buds can sprout and hopefully bear fruit.

These characteristics should be our guide next time we go to vote for the next president or those who will hold a public office. One of my favorite quotes is “passive citizens have no right to complain.” If we end up with more of the same we will have no one to blame but us.


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