I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has extended a hand of support in the form of good wishes, visits and prayers for me while in prison and in hospital following the incredible events of the last two weeks.

I am happy to inform you that I am well on the road to recovery and my doctors are pleased with my progress so far. There are a few more tests and examinations to be conducted which should be through within the next seven days or so.

More than merely cheering me up personally, however, it has been most gratifying and encouraging to see that what is a stressful situation for me personally along with my family is proving a constructive platform for the general citizenry of Malawi to pause and consider the current status and fate of the Constitution of our Republic.

Alarm, outrage and sorrow continue to be expressed by many regarding the unprecedented and ongoing attack on and disregard for our Constitution, which is the solemn code by which we as Malawians agree to conduct ourselves, our personal businesses and the affairs of the state. When court orders, such as my release orders, are blatantly ignored by Government, it is indeed a cause for alarm. Not only for me, but for anyone else who might be in need of relief from the justice system. After all, this is the highest law in the land, meant to be the citizens’ guarantee that justice will be delivered by the set instruments.

I am of the view that my current circumstances are but one manifestation of a deeper systemic problem. Creating a just society may well be our duty as citizens. But creating the instruments to maintain that agreed code or value system of democracy is the duty of parliament (our appointed representatives); managing the process of seeking criminal justice is the duty of the police; and, monitoring compliance with the code is the duty of the judiciary. It is clear that justice in total is delivered by the entire chain of correct and procedural actions from the police to the judiciary and the prison system. The proper separation and clear demarcation of functions of the three branches of government is the bulwark against dictatorship and the integrity of the links between the three is the basis of rule of law.

It is for this reason that we should all look beyond the current circumstances and pay careful attention to the worrying disintegration of integrity in the chain. It is worrying not just for one man, but for our entire nation. I am hopeful that through constructive engagement and working together as concerned Malawians we can get our country back on track delivering justice for all. This is the real issue which Malawians should be focusing on.

Let me end by quoting Tony Lawrence who said:

“Too many people are only willing to defend rights that are personally important to them. It’s selfish ignorance, and it’s exactly why totalitarian governments are able to get away with trampling on people. Freedom does not mean freedom just for the things I think I should be able to do. Freedom is for all of us. If people will not speak up for other people’s rights, there will come a day when they will lose their own”.

Thank You and May God bless Our Great Nation.

Ralph Kasambara


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